Machining to Close Tolerances

We understand the critical importance of tolerances in machining processes. Our skilled team has a deep understanding of tolerance applications, ensuring that each component meets the required specifications with precision and accuracy.

With a 2-meter machine bed capacity and expertise in 3 and 4-axis machining, we have the capability to handle a wide range of tooling projects.

CNC Milling

From stainless steel and aluminium to various plastics, we possess extensive knowledge and expertise in machining a wide range of materials. Harnessing a 2.1m bed for extensive machining capabilities, we can accommodate for materials of up to 2 tons with ease. With 15K rpm spindles, our CNC milling ensures swift and precise operations, delivering efficiency and accuracy in every project.

Precision CNC Machining Company Birmingham

CNC Turning

Our capabilities include Haas CNC Turning Centre with a diameter capacity of up to 275mm and bar capacity of 44mm, as well as other Turning Centres offering a diameter capacity of up to 350mm and a length capacity of up to 1 metre.

Whether you require production runs or one-off projects, we can deliver high-quality results. Plus, our commitment to tight tolerances ensures precision in every job.

CNC Milling, Turning & Machining Stourbridge, Dudley, Birmingham

Fabricated Structures

Our fabricated structures undergo stress relief processes to ensure durability and stability, meeting and exceeding customer requirements. With our commitment to quality, you can trust that our fabricated structures are built to last and perform reliably under demanding conditions.