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Tom White
Tom White
Sales Director Passionate about making a difference and providing the platform for people to excel and be the best version of themselves. Driven to see the growth from within the company not just in the equipment online and working but in the individuals making a difference. Excited to look forward and see what challenges are ahead for us both to secure the vision on where we would love to be.
Jake Harley-Arliss
Jake Harley-Arliss
Operations Director I’m a self-motivated individual who is passionate about engineering. I started my career as an apprentice toolmaker and have progressed over the last 12 years to be focused strategically about operations. Owning a company in the industry has always been on my bucket list, and now that has become reality with DaceCrown, I’m excited to see the personal and professional opportunities that it will bring. I am looking forward to working with new and existing customers and suppliers to establish working relationships that are built on excellence, dedication, and respect